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Nexo NXAMP4X4C Powered Digital TD Controller 4x4C 220 V Version

Nexo NXAMP4X4C Powered Digital TD Controller 4x4C 220 V Version

Nexo NXAMP4X4C Powered Digital TD Controller 4x4C 220 V Version

Price Each 6,447.29 Exc VAT or (7,736.75 Inc VAT at 20%)

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Ref: JP18161


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Nexo NXAMP 4x4 Powered TDcontroller, NXAMP technology is far more complex than a bundled power amplifier and loudspeaker controller. More than two years of research yielded significant DSP innovations which allow multiple voltage/current/temperature sense lines, from the amplifiers output, to protect both the amplifier and power supply.

Through the combination of NEXOs renowned expertise in producing top-of-the-line sound reinforcement products and Yamahas internationally acclaimed professional audio division, two years of collaborative research using the latest-generation development and research tools have yielded a major breakthrough in high-powered amplification for both fixed and mobile applications.

The NXAMP 4X1 and 4X4 Powered TDControllers are based on an innovative design that will provide the full integration of speaker and amplifier control with output capacities that will allow end users a cost-effective solution.

The innovative control structure implemented into the NXAMP is via the latest generation of NEXOs TDcontrollers. This full integration of control will provide a safety base and real-time performance that is the first of its kind, having all the parameters controlled by the DSP. This real-time control will offer end users the ability to manage the voltage/current/temperature sense lines from the amplifier's output, protecting both the amplifier and its power supply in real time, while simultaneously offering all control parameters required for the speakers.

NXAMP DSP Protection includes:

Power-on protection (smooth start-up with in-rush limitation)
Power-off protection (clean shut-down procedure)
Peak Voltage limiter (clip limiting)
Peak Current limiter
VHF protection
Integrate current limiter
DC offset protection
Short circuit protection
Fan speed control
Power Amp overheat protection
SMPS overheat protection
SMPS fault protection
Power cable monitoring

Power Specification for NXAMP4x4

Number of amplifiers channels 4x channels, 2 by 2 bridgeable
Max. output voltage (no load) 4 x 200Volts
Max. output power into 8 ohms 4 x 1900W
Max. output power into 4 ohms 4 x 3300W
Max. output power into 2 ohms 4 x 4000W
Power consumption (Standby) 20W
Power consumption (Idle) 150W
Power consumption (1/8 Power) 3000W

Common NXAMP Specifications from Analogue in to Power Out

Analog Inputs channels 4x channels, analogue inputs on XLR 3 with a second XLR 3 for linking
Frequency response 0.5dB from 10Hz to 20KHz
Input Impedance 20KΩ
Max Input Level +28dBu
Dynamic Range All Channels = 105dB unweighted
THD + Noise Typical 0.1% flat setup
Latency time 500us on a flat setup
Power Supply 220 ~ 240Volts

Common NXAMP Features

Audio Inputs
4x balanced analogue inputs on XLR3 with a second XLR3 for linking, using 24bit converters.
4x digital inputs via the optional network card slot at the back.

Power Outputs 4x Speakon outputs using internal power relay for automatic output assignment regarding setup.
RS232 port Allow firmware upgrade for software improvement and new cabinet setups.
GPIO port 5x Global Purpose Inputs and 8x Global Purpose Outputs for simple remote control and monitoring.
Processing Two DSPs, 24bit data with 48bit accumulator. 700MIPS.
Front Panel
On/Off Mains switch, Select Wheel, Menu A and Menu B buttons, 40 characters by 2 lines display.
Amp protect, Stand-by and power LEDs. Then for each channel: volume indicator (15x LEDs), Individual Mute buttons and red LED, output current signal green led, Speaker Protection yellow LED, Amp. Peak red LED.

Rear Panel 1 (NXAMP4x1) or 2 (NXAMP4x4) mains socket; RS232 serial communications connector; GPIO port, Expansion slot for networking audio extension card, 4 XLR inputs with link and 4 Speakon 4 outputs.
Dimensions & Weight NXAMP4x4: 4U 19 Rack - 457 mm (18) Depth - 24.5kg (49lbs) net

NXAMP User Controls

System Selection Allows control across all NEXO ranges.
System Set-up Within the selected range, if possible, allows cabinets to be set for passive or active mode, wideband or crossover mode, choose among available crossover point, cardioid or supercardioid mode.
Protection Multiple Peak Limiters fitted for both selected cabinet and amplifier. Multiple Acceleration, Displacement and Temperature protections on every channel. Inter-channel regulation.
Delay Up to 150m (330 ft.) of delay in 10cm (.4in ) steps
Input Patching Allows any of the 4x analogue (or digital) inputs combination to be routed on each output.
Output Gain Global and inter-channel gain 6dB in 0.5dB steps.
Volume control Each channel with 16x steps from inf dB to 0dB.
Save/Recall Set-up Stores up to 40x user set-ups; On- the-fly recall, without mute or glitches for instant comparison.
Array EQ LF or HF shelving filters to compensate ground or stacking effects, 6dB, frequency factory tuned.
Security Mode Password protected for Read-Only or Remote-Only Mode.
Remote control Full remote control via the Ethersound protocol and ESmonitor software.
Certification UL, SEMKO (CE), CCC, KOREA, TSS, PSE
Green status Compliant with ROHS and WEEE directive

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