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MiPro MTM-90-6UKA channel 38 UHF PLL-synthesised transmitter module

MiPro MTM-90-6UKA channel 38 UHF PLL-synthesised transmitter module

MiPro MTM-90-6UKA channel 38 UHF PLL-synthesised transmitter module

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MiPro MTM-90-6UKA Channel 38 UHF PLL-Synthesised Transmitter Module, 16 channel UHF PLL-synthesised transmitter module with fixing kit to fit Mipro MA-708PA. Quick and simple to install, it features a scan button with numeric LED to display working channel making it simple to tune to the required channel. The programmed frequency is stored in the internal memory, even after powering off, until adjusted using the Scan function. The fixing tray accepts one module with storage tray. This Interlinking Transmitter module allows Multiple Mipro 708 to be Master / Slaved wirelessly and increase area coverage between units.

Channel 38 Plan

CH 1 CH 2 CH 3 CH 4 CH 5 CH 6 CH 7 CH 8
607.025 609.075 609.700 611.900 607.800 608.450 611.550 612.050
CH 9 CH 10 CH 11 CH 12 CH 13 CH 14 CH 15 CH 16
607.850 608.750 610.800 611.550 607.900 608.550 611.650 612.150

All frequencies within 6UKA are regulated and need a licence.

Notes on the New Channel 38.

Channel 38 (606-614MHz) has been officially announced by OfCom as the replacement for Ch.69 (854-862MHz). Channel 69 is unique in the sense that it is the only nationally available licensable band for wireless microphones and IEMs. Currently, channel 38 is not available nationwide for two reasons: Radio astronomy holds the current license until Jan 1st, 2012,consequently creating restriction zones in parts of the UK.
The protection of analogue TV broadcast in channel 37 in areas where DSO is not complete.
On Dec.15th, OfCom announced information on licensing arrangements for channel 38. This included for channels 39 and 40 to be made available on the same shared license until channel 38 becomes fully available nationwide. Availability will improve as DSO progresses and channel 38 should be available nationwide as of Jan. 1st 2012 if not earlier.
www.jfmg.co.uk)for availability and licensing information.
The deregulated license - free spectrum from 863-865MHz (Channel 70)remains untouched by DSO. If you are currently operating in this spectrum or use less than four channels you are free to carry on using this spectrum now and beyond 2012.

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