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UHF Radio changes 2012

Impact on UHF Radio Mics due to the Digital Switchover taking place in 2012

Ref: DSO2112


The Impact on UHF Radio Mics due to the Digital Switchover taking place in 2012 (after the Olympics)  

As you are no doubt aware, OfCom have announced intentions to completely redefine the allocation of frequency spectrum in the UK with the advent of digital television.

The Digital Switchover takes place in 2012 (after the Olympics) and will have a major effect on PMSE users. Most notably, we will lose the use of Channel 69. All equipment tuned to this band will become unusable (you can try and use it if you like, but the signal will be totally swamped by digital TV so you'll be unlikely to get anything but interference). Radio mic manufacturers have had no easy task trying to overcome this hurdle. 

However, it isn't all bad news. Channel 70  is De regulated and License free so the entire space between 863.1 - 864.9 MHz is free, so as long as your existing UHF kit can select a frequency within these band width you should be fine. It means however you will be limited on the number of mics that will work real time in this bandwidth. Those with existing VHF equipment will also be unaffected by the spectrum changes, facing uninterrupted use right through to the new era and beyond.

For those of us in the industry who need to use a larger number of radio mics simultaneously  have no option but to use Channel 38 but you will need a License. In Terms of access for Channel 38 differ from Channel 69 in that the license does not state specific frequencies; instead a frequency range is given. In addition, Ofcom recognise that Channel 38 will not be fully available throughout the UK until 2012 and so have also included temporary access to Channels 39 and 40 in those areas where it is not. Licensees are required to use JFMG's Ch38 look-up tool available via the link on our homepage to check exactly what can be used at their location prior to operation.

The addition of Channels 38, 39 and 40 to the existing UHF UK Wireless Microphone License does not affect the cost of the license.

Channel 38 39 40 69 70
Frequency MHz 606.500 - 613.500 614.500 - 621.500 622.500 - 629.500 854.900 - 861.750 863.100 - 864.900


To Obtain a License please visit the JFMG web site http://www.jfmg.co.uk


PMSE: The abbreviation stands for "Programme Making and Special Events" equipment that are used at concerts, theatres, and filming, recording and live broadcasts. These include cordless microphones, cameras and other cordless devices. 

DSO:  Digital Switchover Over

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