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Le Maitre Salamander Quad Pro

Le Maitre Salamander Quad Pro

Le Maitre Salamander Quad Pro

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Ref: JP59239


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The Salamander Quad Pro - Code 4015 is a larger, more versatile system than the Salamander. A four canister system, it can be operated with each canister being fired independently and the option of multiple colours being loaded to provide a truly stunning visual display from a single machine. Firing the canisters sequentially can also be used to increase the duration of the effect, with up to 120 hits in total and each flame reaching around 3.5m -4.5m* in height. Alternatively, all four canisters can be fired at the same time to produce a much bigger single flame reaching up to a spectacular 6m-8.5m* terrific for stadiums! (*Flame heights are approximate and depend upon fluid colours used)


A unique firing system which eliminates internal valves and accumulators, thus minimising the chance of the system becoming blocked or leaking.
Canister-based fluids, offering an ideal solution for anyone wanting to create a propane-style flame without the headaches. These eliminate the need for inconvenient external propane tanks, trailing pipes and multiple valves, enabling quick set-up and at a fraction of the cost.
A choice of colours natural, red and green as well as a choice of fuels butane/propane (natural canisters) and where the use of propane isnt permitted, ethanol/methanol (red and green canisters), provide a great alternative solution.
A number of safety features including a safety tilt sensor as well as igniter monitoring are also incorporated.
The unit is operated through DMX, 5 channels (Igniter plus 4 Fire Channels), and Igniter Channel Address can be set independently from fire channels (eg, Fire: 2, 3, 4, 5; Igniter: 12).
A key feature of the original Salamander is its small footprint at just 204x170x433mm, and despite housing 4 canisters, the new Salamander Quad Pro is almost as compact at just 260x330x433mm.


Control and Programming
Onboard control panel
3-digit display
x5 LEDs
x4 Multi-function buttons
Control is via 5 channel DMX 512
DMX data filter V in case of noisy DMX environments (can be disabled)
Tilt switch V unit is disabled if tilted beyond 40 degrees (can be disabled)
Front & rear fixing points (M6 rivet bushes)
Coloured Flames max heights:
3.5m/12ft (x1 canister); 4.5m/15ft (x2 canisters); 5.5m/18ft (x3 canisters); 6m/20ft (x4 canisters)
Natural Flames max heights:
4.5m/15ft (x1 canister); 6m/20ft (x2 canisters); 7.5m/25ft (x3 canisters); 8.5m/28ft (x4 canisters)
30 seconds continuous flame per canister
Circa 120 fire balls (30 per canister)
Hot surface flame ignition provides a reliable ignition method
Natural canister use a propane/butane mix
Red and green canisters use an ethanol/methanol mix
Natural Fuel Cell: 500ml canister containing propane/butane mix
Red & Green Fuel Cells: 500ml canister containing ethanol/methanol mix
Orientation: Floor or Truss (with adaption)
Physical / Electrical
Size (HxWxL): 433 x 330 x 260mm
Weight: 16 Kg
Power: 230v, 50/60Hz, 250W, 3.15A

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