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Equinox Spark Stream Granules Pouch (120g)

Equinox Spark Stream Granules Pouch (120g)

Equinox Spark Stream Granules Pouch (120g)

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Ref: JP63201

Equinox Spark Stream Granules Pouch (120g) Spark Stream Granules (120g) for use with the Equinox Spark Stream (Order code: JP63216)
Features & Specifications
Non-pyrotechnic Titanium Alloy Granules
Virtually no smell and very little smoke
Output time: up to 10 minutes from 1 powder pouch
Output height: up to 5m
For use with the Equinox Spark Stream (Order code: JP63216)

Safety Guidelines

  • We recommend reading the below information and familiarising yourself with the procedures to ensure correct and safe operation of the Equinox Spark Stream.
  • After opening the Equinox Spark Stream Granules Pouch the granules should be stored in an air tight storage container in temperatures between 10 and 50.
  • The Spark Stream should be installed on a flat solid surface with nothing blocking the underside air vent.
  • Check and clear the cooling system for dust and debris regularly to prevent build-up and blockages.
  • If the Spark Stream is being used in cold/humid conditions care MUST be taken to ensure condensation doesn't form in the outlet pipe. Please heat the unit for a minimum of 20 minutes before use to ensure all condensation can evaporate. During this process NO granules should be in the hopper and the hopper cap should be removed.
  • DO NOT put Equinox Spark Stream Granules into the hopper until the Spark Stream has heated to its full temperature to prevent the granules/hopper coming in contact with moisture.
  • Care MUST be taken when moving the Spark Stream Granules between hot/cold conditions where the granules could come into contact with moisture. If the granules come into contact with moisture they can gather together which could cause the machine to release large clumps of granules which could harm persons/damage furnishings.
  • ONLY Equinox Spark Stream Granules should be used. Other granules being used with the Spark Stream will void the warranty.
  • Once the Spark Stream has finished being used, power down the unit and empty the unused granules into a dry, air tight storage container. The unit should then be powered back on and run until all the remaining granules have exited the unit to leave a granule free machine.
  • Both Spark Stream units and granules MUST be stored in dry conditions. Silica gel sachets are recommended to absorb any moisture in flight cases or granule storage containers.
  • Please allow the Spark Stream to cool sufficiently or in any case a minimum of 30 minutes before transportation/storage.
  • Once the Spark Stream has cooled, check the aperture for any remaining granules that may have gathered or stuck to the outlet pipe. If there are granules lodged in the outlet pipe, use a soft wire brush to dislodge these. Once granules have been dislodged, rotate the unit so the outlet pipe is facing the ground to let the dislodged granules fall out ensuring no granules are left in the machine.
  • Equinox Spark Stream Granules should NOT be left in the hopper after the unit has been used or when it is being transported.

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