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Cloud VTX-WM1 Web Monitor Card, Surveillance Option For VTX Series Amplifiers

Cloud VTX-WM1 Web Monitor Card, Surveillance Option For VTX Series Amplifiers

Cloud VTX-WM1 Web Monitor Card, Surveillance Option For VTX Series Amplifiers

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Ref: JP8089


Cloud VTX-WM1 Web Monitor Card, Surveillance Option For VTX Series Amplifiers, The VTX-WM1 Web Monitor Card is a retrofittable option for Clouds new VTX power amplifiers. It allows the amplifiers performance and settings to be monitored at a remote location using any computer (or PDA, smartphone, etc.), via a standard Internet browser. No dedicated software application or PC hardware is necessary.

The card plugs into a reserved slot on the amplifiers rear panel, and is fitted with an RJ45 Ethernet interface using regular network protocols. The data rate used is very low, which allows the buildings existing IT infrastructure to be used instead of a dedicated network. Amplifiers are simply connected into the IT system at the nearest convenient point. Where multiple amplifiers are co-located (e.g., in a rack), an Ethernet switch, with the appropriate number of ports, may be used to facilitate connection.

The web browser GUI is simple and intuitive, and the data clearly presented. A set of tabbed pages is displayed, which report the details and performance of all the amplifiers on the network. Parameters monitored include: network connection status, the settings of all amplifier rear panel switches and gain controls, protection circuitry activity, internal temperature, power status and input signal level for each channel. Fan operation and RL-1 remote volume control setting (if fitted) are also confirmed.

A load impedance test is available to check the integrity of each channels loudspeaker(s) and cabling. This test may be run either manually (i.e., initiated from the GUI as required), or automatically at pre-determined times and intervals usually during periods of non-occupancy. The frequency used for the impedance test is also programmable.

A password protected Housekeeping page is provided which allows site-wide details of the installation to be entered. This page also allows the load impedance test parameters, IP addresses and other system settings to be configured.

A real-time clock runs independently of the amplifier power supply, and an event log is maintained, which can be inspected as required for investigative purposes in the event of system problems. The system can also be configured to generate an email report if the WM1 detects a fault condition. The report may be formatted as SMS text if required. (This assumes that the necessary Internet connection and email/mobile accounts are available.)


Optional Ethernet interface for Cloud VTX power amplifiers, allows remote monitoring of amplifier status from any computer, anywhere
Operates with standard web browsers no dedicated software necessary
Uses standard network protocols
Low data rates mean that existing IT infrastructure can be used no dedicated network necessary
Simple and intuitive user interface
Easy to set up
Monitors internal temperature, signal level, protection circuitry and fans
Confirms all amplifier rear panel control settings
Checks load impedance on demand, or at scheduled times, using user-defined frequency
Real-time clock for event logging and test scheduling
Automatic email or SMS text alert on pre-defined fault condition


Tone Generator
Level: 40 dB below max amp output Injected post level controls, other channels muted.
Frequency range: 60 Hz to 20 kHz in 1/3-octave steps

Signal detector
Sensitivity: -30 dBu to +10 dBu 20 Hz to 20 kHz

DHCP: Not supported
Data rates: 100 Base T
Connector: RJ45

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